Gunung Datuk

11:35 AM

Yesterday I hiked up Gunung Datuk for the first (and last) time. We woke up at 2AM, got supplies and drove down to the base of the mountain. We were the only ones there which I thought was a good sign. From what I've read online, it's usually a 2-3 hour hike for us normal people if I'm not mistaken.

We started walking up at 5AM and it took us about 2hrs to get up there because I made a LOT of stops. Something about early morning air that my body just cannot fight.. It's too dense/humid (?) for my liking, haha. It was also the first time I puked my guts out mid-hike. To be fair, I haven't gone on that many hikes anyway. I completely lost count to how many times I've thrown up in front of Haqim. Besides that, my legs were sore from running prior to that morning. DOMS– if you've heard of that. Also, I discovered that the battery in my headlamp leaked all over the internal parts which then led us to navigate with one headlamp. Very sure that contributed to me throwing up as well. On the plus side, I felt a million times better after my stomach was empty.

From what I observed, I felt like it was a steep ascend for 75% of the time. 2290ft later, it was a pretty good view. And at that time, I KNEW that having no one else there was DEFINITELY a good thing. There wasn't that much space at the top of the rocks.

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