Hello! I think it's high time I admit that I am terrible at updating my blog. There was a point where I could blog every other day but now, I constantly feel like there are always other things that I prefer to put my attention to. Everybody only has 24 hours a day (even Beyonce) and you only have time to get something done if you make time for it. I guess my priorities have changed then.

Whatever it is, I only have a month left before I complete my diploma. On the 8th next month, I'll be done with my final exams and I don't know how I'm suppose to feel about that. To say that the next four weeks is gonna be hectic is a total understatement. Plenty of photos are pending to be processed, so many final projects to be completed, plans to be finalised, syllabus to cover, etc.

Here are some of my recent works :


2014 in review

Alhamdulillah another year has gracefully made an exit to welcome in a new one. 2014 has undoubtedly been one of the toughest years of my life. This was the year where I think I finally embarked on a soul searching expedition that soon unveiled to be the beginning of my adult life. Many ridiculously unfortunate events took place in the past three hundred and sixty five days such as an attempted robbery while I was at home, a kitchen fire, nights I was so sure I wasn't gonna see the next dawn -- just to name a few. I hope to God, I learn from all of these experiences because we all know sometimes it takes extreme measures and damage to make you learn your lesson. I went to a lot of new places, tried many different things, sharpened skills I never knew I had.

I only hope to grow in this coming year. Grow into a warmer soul, be charitable and be someone other people can lean on. Besides that, I need to be more independent. I want to do more with my time - plan ahead, manage better. The past is nothing but a hologram of things you have zero control of so take some time off from dwelling over things that you can't change and use that time to work on yourself instead.

2015 for me will be about taking charge of my life *insert flexing muscle emoji*

I hope we all set big but realistic goals this upcoming year. Let the next 365 days be about finding yourself and your faith and letting that light lead the way. Hahaha I might just hold a degree in metaphorical speaking.

xx LA


MCM opening in Kuala Lumpur

Sorry for the constant irregular postings on this blog.

H&M jumpsuit, Christian Dior bag.

On Wednesday, I went for the grand opening of the first MCM store in Kuala Lumpur. Having the first Malaysian store open in Pavilion is nothing less than perfect because it fits in so well with other high end labels. Neighbouring stores to MCM in Pavilion's new wing include Moschino and Tory Burch. The label is brought in by Melium Group, which is the same company behind Givenchy and Saint Laurent in Malaysia.

Local celebrities filled the room in ensembles you can't help but admire. The whole party was sort of a feast for my eyes because everyone was so well dressed, I was basically just naming everything in my head. My monologue the whole night was pretty much Alexander Wang. Fendi. Givenchy. Chanel. SS13. Isabel Marant. Hey I've seen her before.

Marion Caunter was best dressed, in my opinion. She wore this figure hugging black mini dress with fringes down the back, as well as black fingerless gloves. Sounds like what dreams are made of. I finally met Scha Alyahya. If you know me quite well, you'd know that I have a serious girlcrush on her, LOL. I got into a conversation with her, which made the underachiever in me feel very accomplished.

The shelves were packed with leather bags all accented with the signature Visetos (logo) and some with a kick of studs. I find MCM very suitable for style-conscious kids on the move. The Visetos decorated pretty much everything from sneakers to backpacks to plush toys. My favourite piece in the store was a black sweater with embossed detailing on the front.

Looking back at these photos of backpacks just remind me of 21 Jumpstreet in that scene where Channing Tatum's like "Single strap it" hahahaha